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NCAA Basketball Scandal

Pitino and the Louisville AD are officially out in lieu of the Adidas recruiting scandal.  The Cornfather usually only weighs in on games that can make us money, but this is a slow Wednesday and one of the biggest college basketball stories to break in a long time.  To those who are around college sports this isn’t a shock, but it’s still a big story.  The shoe companies basically run everything in the basketball world these days.  It’s an arms race to sponsor the best AAU teams, the shoe companies funnel money to those AAU programs and their college teams to get players to attend the schools they sponsor.  The shoe companies do this in order to sign the top players when they get to the NBA.  This has been the norm for years.  Adidas schools were the ones caught in this case, but the Cornfather’s guess is that the people caught will start pointing fingers at the Nike and Under Amour schools that are doing the same thing.  This story will get a lot bigger in the coming weeks.  Louisville, Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and USC are just the start.  This goes on in almost all major programs in college basketball and the hammer looks like it coming down.


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  1. It’s time to have the FBI investigate the NCAA. They have turned a blind eye to the major problems which are common knowledge to the public but as in any business, money talks.

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