Monday Night Football Recap

Minnesota 20 @ Chicago 17 (CHI +3.5)

2017 Monday football recap

It was written in the stars that this game would land on 3.  The longer the Cornfather stared at the game, the more he thought it was a complete coin flip.  Bradford returned from injury and looked like a fragile deer in the first half.   It was a great move by coach Mike Zimmer to go with Case Keenum after the break.  John Fox also played to win the game which not many NFL coaches like to do.  The fake punt in the third quarter and creative 2-point conversion play gave the Bears a chance.  Most coaches are so scared to lose their job that they manage the game like a meek sheep.

Going forward, this game was all about the debut for Mitch Trubisky and it went ok.  He threw a backbreaking pick to end the game, but he did show some positive flashes.  He has all the physical tools to be a solid NFL QB, can the Bears develop him will be the question (the Cornfather doesn’t have a lot of faith).  Chicago’s focus should be to get someone that can make a play on the outside.  It’s tough to give a young QB zero weapons besides the running back.  Time will tell if the Bears agree.


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