United States Fails to Qualify for the World Cup

After the Cubs game got rained out we only had some soccer to get us through the night.  All the US had to do was beat Trinidad and Tobago or even tie in many scenarios to advance to the World Cup next year.  However, they couldn’t even pull that off and the Tobagons beat them 2-1.  How the hell does the US not quality for the World Cup?  They finished 5th out 6 teams that included Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, and Trinidad and Tobago.  Read that sentence again.  Other than Mexico, those countries aren’t even the size of Texas and the US couldn’t even finish 3rd.  The Cornfather thinks they should give the death penalty to US soccer.  It’s an embarrassment to the country and its only going to get worse when the casual fan won’t see them in a World Cup for at least 8 years.  Cut the program.  The Cornfather likes soccer, but he doesn’t want to hear the diehards who say soccer is up and coming and the US team will win on the national stage soon.  It’s over, the Tobagons killed US soccer last night.

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