MLB Wednesday Night Recap

Washington 5 @ Chicago 0

Woooofffff. Strasburg looked the Cornfather right in the eye last night and shoved it up his Cornhole.  He put on a dominant performance and the series will head back to Washington for game 5. The under was the clear bet in that game with the weather in Chicago still being brutal.  Time to put our hard hats on and dig ourselves out of an early week hole, just the way we like it.

New York 5 @ Cleveland 2

The Cornfather thankfully had no feel in this game because he has looked like Aaron Judge at the plate the past two weeks.  The Cornfather will tip his cap to the Yankees for digging themselves out of an 0-2 hole despite the lack of production from the middle of the order.  They are his pick to win the World Series going forward, teams that get momentum in baseball seem to be able to carry it through.  If Sanchez and Judge can heat back up, their lineup is a big problem.

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