NFL Sunday Recap

Lunch Money Plays (2-3)

Green Bay -3 @ Minnesota

San Francisco @ Washington Over 46

Detroit +190 M/L

Chicago +5 @ Baltimore

Jacksonville +1.5 vs LA Rams

Car Payment Play (1-0)

LA Chargers +3 @ Oakland

Mortgage Play (0-1)

Detroit +5 @ New Orleans

It’s never a good sign when your mortgage play is down 45-10 at one point.  Detroit unbelievably had the ball down 7 with 5 minutes left and Stafford threw another pick 6 in his own end zone. SAD! It’s tough for the Cornfather to look himself in the mirror this morning, but this is the game and the life he chose.  The game where a depleted, garbage Giants team goes into Denver and beats the Broncos by 13 on Sunday night.  You got to take your lumps on the chin and move on, only the strong survive.

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