Another Brutal NFL Beat

I think when the Cornfather decided to give his picks to the people the gambling gods turned on him for good.  The Colts dominated the game last night for 3 quarters and it was a tie game when Vinatieri kicked a 52 yarder with 7:27 left in the 4th.  The Colts then let up a long touchdown and then gave the ball back to Tennessee, who was running out the clock.  Fine, it was 22-29 that’s a push, whatever.  Then this happened:

3rd and 5 on their own 30, a first down ends the game and Henry takes it to the house.  Yea this was only lunch money, but we were also on the wrong side of the Chiefs-Redskins scoop and score with seconds left debacle two weeks ago.  This has been a preposterous run and the Cornfather will not stand for it.  Keep it up gambling gods, the Cornfather will break you in the end.

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