Last Night’s NBA Recap

Below is the exact recent updates of last night NBA recap by sports expertise along with the team information

Boston 99 Cleveland 102

Car Payment Play: Boston +4

Lunch Money Play: Boston M/L +150

I’ll take fault for writing the game was in Boston yesterday, the Cornfather knew it was in Cleveland, I just got confused.  Definitively the scribe’s fault on that one.  Anyway, obviously the big story of the night was the gruesome Gordan Hayward injury.  His foot was not facing the right direction.  The Cornfather couldn’t wait to see how this young, talented Celtics team developed and he didn’t even get to see a full game.  Jalen Brown is a bonafide stud and Tatum looks like he has a ton of raw talent as well.  This Celtics team will get the most out of themselves and still be a 2 or 3 seed in the East, but if Hayward can’t come back their hopes of defeating the Cavs will have to wait another year.

Houston 122 Golden State 121

The Rockets came back to beat Golden State after being down 11 entering the 4th.  The Cornfather wishes this meant something, but nobody in the west is still even close to dethroning the Warriors.  Despite Houston’s win, the Cornfather still has his doubts about how Harden and Chris Paul will share the ball.  Paul only had 4 points last night and doesn’t think their ball dominant styles mesh very well.  During the regular season in D’Antoni’s offense they’ll share the ball and will probably figure it out.  But, when push comes to shove in the post season and the game isn’t as free flowing, the Cornfather sees more playoff disappointment for the Rockets

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