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Thursday’s Recap

The Cornfather has been slain.

Thursday Recap for NFL(0-1)

Mortgage Play: Kansas City -3 @ Oakland

Below is the latest updates of Thursday Recap for NFL.
Sad, The Cornfather looked good for 3 quarters and then the desperate Raiders found a way to score on the final play to win the game and cover.  Another loss with an extra knife twist to keep the Cornfather up all night.  The lack of Eric Berry is really starting to show in Kansas City.  The Cornfather was right on that Oakland’s defense is swiss cheese, but apparently so is the Chief’s.  Derek Carr looks like he’s back to his old self and both teams were able move the ball at will.  Take that Thursday paycheck and toss it right down the drain, we didn’t want it anyway.

MLB (0-1)

Lunch Money Play: Chicago +144 M/L – It was over early and it wasn’t pretty. The Cornfather’s fault for thinking the reigning champs would have a spine at home.  What an idiot.

NBA (1-0)

Lunch Money Play: Clippers -6 @ Lakers – Lunches don’t make up for mortgages.

Horse Racing (2: 0-0-0)

There was absolutely no pace in the race and the frontrunners trotted around the track in the G3 Sycamore.  #13 Manitoulin was way too far back to have any chance down the stretch and #8 Hardest Core didn’t show up. Not how the Cornfather drew it up.

Nobody likes being up mid-week anyway.  Being in a hole separates the men from the boys, the strong from the weak, the Cornfather and the peasants.  He loves nothing more than to dig himself out, scratch and claw baby, scratch and claw.

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