Horse Racing, MLB, NCAA Football

Saturday’s Recap

MLB (0-1)

New York +142 M/L

Horse Racing: 1:(0-0-0)

#4 Nonna Mela Finished 4th in the Grade 2 Raven Run.

NCAA Football

Lunch Money Plays (3-5)

Texas Tech -7.5 vs Iowa State

Michigan State -6.5 vs Indiana

Kansas State +14.5 vs Oklahoma

Kentucky +12.5 @ Mississippi

SMU -7 @ Cincinnati

Michigan +9 @ Penn State

Notre Dame -3.5 vs USC

West Virginia -9 @ Baylor

Car Payment Plays (2-1)

Georgia Tech -3.5 vs Wake Forest

Purdue -10 @ Rutgers

Washington State -10 vs Colorado

Mortgage Play (0-1)

Minnesota -13.5 vs Illinois – We got a pick 6 to go up 14 with 4 minutes left, then prevent defense let up a garbage time touchdown with seconds left.  I have not heard from the Cornfather since, hopefully he’s ok.  Yesterday was a good old fashioned slaughtering and I need him to report to me we so we can try to dig out of this even bigger hole.  I’ll keep you posted when I get him on the line.

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