Monday Night Football: Washington @ Philadelphia

Washington +5.5 @ Philadelphia O/U 49

Monday night football philadelphia

What a Monday Night, game we have here, a divisional match up between two teams who have looked as good as any early in the NFL season.  And to make matters even better, the Cornfather has a real strong opinion in this one.  Everyone is all over the Eagles and rightfully so, but the Cornfather is going to pump the breaks a little bit.  Their only wins over 5 points have been against the Cardinals who stink and Washington week 1.  It’s tough to sweep teams in your division and people are sleeping on how good Washington’s defense is.  When they’ve been at full strength they’ve been extremely tough and tt looks as if everyone is ready tonight.  This is going to be a bitter fight until the end and 5.5 points is way too many.  The Cornfather even likes Washington to win straight up.  Its Philly, all good thing must come to an end.  Nothing like a mortgage play on a Monday.

Lunch Money Play

Washington +190 M/L

Mortgage Play

Washington +5.5

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