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College Football Preview: Penn State @ Ohio State

The Cornfather knows it’s a little premature, but the marquee matchup in college football this weekend is obviously #2 Penn State @ #6 Ohio State.  The Cornfather can’t believe his eyes when he sees the spread at Ohio State -6, even -6.5 on some books.  A touchdown? Is that real? Ohio State has played one decent team at home this year (Oklahoma) and they got their teeth kicked in.  The Cornfather gets Penn State’s big win against Michigan was at home, but they have looked far more impressive this year than Ohio State has.  Say what you want about Michigan’s offense, their defense is legit and Penn State ran circles around them.  Penn State’s defense has looked maybe even better than their offense all year as well.  As far as the Cornfather can see, the weak side of the ball in this game is the Ohio State offense.  He doesn’t care that they reel off 50 points against bum teams, they just have better athletes.  When the defensive matchup is athletically on par, they always struggle.  TJ Barrett is not a good passing quarterback.  He hasn’t been for the last decade he’s played there. He just racks up stats versus inferior teams throwing to wide open guys.  It’s obviously tough to win in the big house, but giving that many points to this Penn State team is outrageous.  It’s should be 3 at the most and the Corfather is getting fired up just thinking about it.  We may see the first ever triple mortgage play this Saturday, brace yourselves.

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