New England Patriots Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

The big news late last night besides the Cornfather’s dominance in the NBA was the Patriots trading backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2nd round pick and a discounted Brian Hoyer.  The Patriots would have to franchise Garoppolo for 21 million at the end of the year in order to keep him, a move they were never likely to do.  The timing is what confuses the Cornfather in this deal.  The Patriots were reportedly offered two 1st round picks by the Browns for Garoppolo before the season started.  What changed? Maybe Brady’s play to this point in the season has given Belichick the confidence to ride it out with the goat for a few more years.  The Patriots now have no back up plan.  They’re riding or dying with a 40-year old and the Cornfather has no choice other than to respect it.  They seem to be right every time they let someone go.

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