Roy Halladay Dies in a Plane Crash

The biggest news in the sports world last night was that Roy “Doc” Halladay died in a plane crash.  At 40 years old with kids it’s obviously an extremely sad story.  The soon to be Hall of famer and 2-time Cy Young winner was the definition of a hoss.  Doc Halladay was also one of the baddest nicknames in sports.  He was one of the Cornfather’s favorite pitchers to watch over the past two decades and the man always brought it in the post season.  Whether it was in Toronto or Philadelphia, he was probably the most consistent starter in the majors for a 10-year period.  The Cornfather placed many a wager with the ball in his hands and he rarely disappointed.  By all accounts a great man, the Cornfather just wanted to tip his cap and pay his respects. RIP, Doc.

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