Wednesday Night NBA: LA Lakers @ Boston

As you know, the Cornfather usually plays the board in the NBA regular season.  However, he will pick his spots from time to time and drop the hammer.  This Celtics team is legit even without Gordan Hayward.  Tatum and Brown are way ahead of schedule and Kyrie is starting to play defenses like a fiddle.  The Celtics are one of the few teams you can count on to bring 100% effort each night in the regular season and coming off a less than stellar defensive performance, Boston is going to blow this Laker’s team out of the water.  Marcus Smart is going to be up in Lonzo’s kitchen and the Lakers will have no answers for the Boston offense.  When the Lakers are in town, the Boston crowd will always be raucous regardless of how good they are.  This has all the makings of a beatdown in Beantown and the Cornfather will pounce.

Car Payment Play

Boston 1st Half -5

Mortgage Play

Boston -8.5

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