Monday Night Football: Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers

Miami +9 @ Carolina O/U 38

Not the game the Cornfather or anybody else wants to see on Monday Night, but that’s not our choice.  We play the hand that we’re dealt and folding isn’t an option.  Both teams in this match-up rely on their defense to win games and play inconsistent on offense.  Carolina’s defense has been especially strong lately and they’re probably licking their chops to see Smoking Jay in prime time.  Smoking Jay is coming off his best start as a Dolphin for what it’s worth.  He threw for over 300 yards against a garbage Oakland secondary, but that performance was still much better than his 100 yards per gamers early this season.  The Cornfather will pencil Jay in for 200yds 1 TD and 1 pick on the stat sheet for tonight.  Regardless, whether Carolina covers this spread or not will all come down to Cam Newton and the Panthers offense.  They have been so unreliable lately the Cornfather has to to take the 9 points here.  Cam still throws the ball of his back foot every time and it is infuriating to watch when the Cornfather backs him financially.  The bottom line is the Cornfather thinks this one’s going to be ugly and 9 is just too high of a number.  He hates the pick.

Final Score: Carolina 20 Miami 13

Lunch Money Play:

Miami +9 @ Carolina


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