NCAA Basketball

Monday’s NCAA Basketball Plays

The Cornfather has finally gotten sucked into the NCAAB season and he is ready to play after two weeks.  He’s got the tape on all 347 division 1 teams and he’ll break them down so we don’t have to.  It’s the first Big Monday of the season, Let’s Eat.

Lunch Money Plays

Oklahoma State +5.5 vs Texas A&M – Everyone is all over the Aggies after they smacked West Virginia last week.  They were impressive, but that doesn’t mean they should be so heavily favored in this one.  Oklahoma State gets their star Jeffrey Carroll back for the first time all season and both teams are very talented.  The Cornfather will take the points at a neutral site.

Baylor +1 vs Wisconsin – The Cornfather is not sure why Baylor is an underdog in this game.  It’s being played in Kansas City, so Baylor will have the favorable crowd.  Wisconsin looked bad in their last loss against Xavier and they are a team that always gets better with time.  If this game was in January it may be different, but Baylor will win tonight.

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