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Tuesday Night MACtion

We have the Maui Invitational and MACtion Football on a Tuesday night, it is truly a gamblers paradise.  It is week four of MACtion and this is the spot where preparation meets opportunity. The Cornfather has watched the tape and he is throwing some big chips on the table tonight.

Miami OH -18 Ball State O/U

Ball State is the worst division 1 football team on the planet.  The Cornfather has clued us in on this over the past few weeks and he’s going to the well one more time.  Miami OH continues to under achieve, but they have offensive talent and will put up 40 with ease.  The Redhawks will roll.

Car Payment Plays:

Miami OH -18, Over 55

Bowling Green +13.5 @ Eastern Michigan

Eastern Michigan is the best 4-7 football team in the country.  They’ve lost 6 of 7 by less than 5 points and there offensive and defensive numbers are solid.  On senior night, they will roll a Bowling Green team that couldn’t tackle a ballcarier if they were laying down.

Car Payment Plays:

Eastern Michigan -7 1st Half, -13.5 Game

Kent State +15.5 @ Akron O/U 46.5

This over/under line is the definition of insanity.  Kent State let’s up 40 ponts a game and Akron can clinch a conference championship birth with a win.  Both defenses let up over 420 yards per game. 420! The Cornfather will not let Vegas go unpunished for this line, they will pay.

Mortgage Play

Over 46.5

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