NCAA Basketball

Tuesday’s NCAA Basketball Plays

There is only one NBA game tonight and it stinks, but the good news is we have some solid college action and it starts early this afternoon.  Midday action is the only way to get through the work week.

Lunch Money Plays:

Marquette +10.5 vs Wichita State – The Shockers came back to beat Cal last night, but they looked very sloppy early.  Marquette is an up and coming team and 10 points is a ton in a neutral tournament game early in the season.  Nobody knows how good either team really is, so the Cornfather will take the big dog.  It’s not his choice, it’s just what must be done in this situation.

Texas A&M -6 vs Penn State – The Cornfather learned that this Texas A&M team is legit in their last game against Oklahoma State.  They are long and athletic at every position and their defense is suffocating.  Penn State hasn’t been tested yet this season and the Cornfather knows they’re in for a world of hurt tonight.

Let’s Eat.

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