Tuesday’s NBA Plays

The NBA card is bountiful on Thanksgiving Eve.  The Cornfather’s eyes are lighting up and he’s ready to sweep the board.

Lunch Money Plays

Washington @ Charlotte Over 208.5

Brooklyn +10.5 @ Cleveland

Philadelphia -3.5 vs Portland

Boston -2.5 @ Miami

New York +4 vs Denver

Memphis -5.5 vs Dallas

Orlando +7 @ Minnesota

Mortgage Play

Golden State -5 @ Oklahoma City

This may be the easiest regular season bet in the history of the NBA.  The Thunder have not even come close to playing together this season.  Their pieces don’t fit together and they are not a good basketball team.  The best part is the Warriors will be locked in with Durant returning home.  The animosity will be palpable and Golden State will want to mop the floor with them.  The Cornfather can see it now, Final score: Golden State 120 – OKC 100.

Let’s Eat.

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