Monday Night Football: Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens

Houston +7.5 @ Baltimore O/U 39.5

This isn’t going to be the prettiest Monday Night Game played this year, but it is in the Cornfather’s eyes.  The Ravens at are a ridiculous 7.5 point favorites over the Texans.  The Cornfather can’t understate how bad the Ravens and Joe Flacco are offensively.  They are beyond inept and their defense is the only reason they have won a game this year.  Does Tom Savage going up against the Ravens defense scare the Cornfather a little bit? Of course, but he also thinks that Houston’s win last week against Arizona will make all the difference in the world moving forward.  Savage has the tools to be an ok QB, he just needed to get a solid performance under his belt.  Despite being decimated by injuries, Houston still has talent on both sides of the ball and has every chance to come out on top with both teams fighting for their playoff lives.  This game feels like a coin flip to the Cornfather and the spread is 7.5, you do the math.  The last time the Cornfather mortgage played against Baltimore they beat the Dolphins by 40.  A lesser man would be gun shy this time, but the Cornfather trusts his eyes.  Baltimore cannot fool him.

Lunch Money Play

Houston M/L +290

Mortgage Play

Houston +7.5

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