Monday’s NBA Plays

The last time the Cornfather spoke to us he went 3-3 with mortgage plays on Thanksgiving.  He truly is the most giving man in the world.  The Cornfather is back from off the grid today and this site will be cranking 24/7 from now until the end of time.  You have my word as the scribe.  Let’s start the work week off right with some hardwood winners, Let’s Get It.

Lunch Money Plays

Detroit +6.5 @ Boston – Boston has been skating by lately with late comeback victories.  They are still not 100% healthy and Detroit always plays them tough.  This one will come down to the wire.

Brooklyn +17 @ Houston – 17 is just an outrageous number for a regular season game in November.  The Cornfather must take the points, he doesn’t have a choice.

Dallas +9.5 @ San Antonio – Dallas has been much better as of late and are really working on the defensive end.  They’ll be scrappy and stay within the number against a still banged up Spurs team.

LA Laker +4.5 @ LA Clippers – This is a home game for the Lakers, nobody in LA really cares about the Clippers.  The Cornfather will take the young guns and the points over the dead Clippers.

barking bad dog GIF by Nat Geo Wild
The Dogs are Barking

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