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Breaking News: Jimbo Fisher leaving Florida State for Texas A&M

The Cornfather was in his lab handicapping, then this news caught his eye.  The Aggies are reportedly swiping Jimbo Fischer from Florida State for more the 7 million a year.  Money talks and this move makes sense to the Cornfather.  FSU and A&M are comparable jobs, both have fertile recruiting grounds and fan bases with somewhat unrealistic expectations on how their teams should perform.  Jimbo will be in a very similar situation, he’ll just be making way more money.  Add that to a down year from Florida State and an uncertainty about the future of star quarterback Deandre Francois, the Cornfather can see why Jimbo is taking the bait.  The SEC is going to have a fresh batch of high profile coaches in 2018.  The Cornfather can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

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