NCAA Football

NCAA Friday Night Football: The PAC-12 Championship

USC -4 vs Stanford O/U 59

The PAC-12 championship will be decided tonight among two bitter rivals.  The Cornfather tips his cap to whoever decided to schedule this game as a preamble to the rest of the Conference Championships tomorrow.  The Cornfather thinks this one will go exactly how it looks on paper.  Both teams should have no problem moving the ball and scoring points against the opposing defenses.  In the end, the Cornfather will side with Sam Darnold over the freshman K.J. Costello.  Stanford is going to have to throw the ball to keep up with USC and the Cornfather doesn’t think Costello can sniff what the #1 prospect will do in his swan song tonight.  Stanford’s defense sneaky stinks and the Trojans will pull away late.

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USC -3.5

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