Sunday’s NFL Recap

Lunch Money Plays (0-2)

Indianapolis +10 @ Jacksonville – The Cornfather thought it was too many points in a divisional game, but the Colts are just too bad on the road.  If Jacksonville could get a quarterback they’d be very dangerous.

Houston +7 @ Tennessee – This was the most frustrating loss of the day for the Cornfather.  Houston was up early, but made so many stupid mistakes and left plenty of points on the board.  They then folded like a deck of cards late.

Car Payment Plays (2-1)

Atlanta -3 vs Minnesota – The Vikings are legit and Case Keenum keeps playing well.  Atlanta has to win that game at home if they want the Cornfather to take them seriously.

New Orleans -5 vs Carolina – Never a doubt.

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Over 43 Never a doubt.

The Cornfather didn’t give us the kill shot we wanted yesterday, but it wasn’t a completely terrible day, going 2-1 with Car Payments.  We have plenty of gas in the tank, let’s start the week off right.

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