Thursday’s NBA Plays

There is a small card tonight in the NBA, but we have two National TV games, which is always nice. The Cornfather is going to narrow his scope and up the ante, he’s looking for a new vehicle.

Car Payment Plays

Philadelphia -8 vs LA Lakers – The Cornfather loves the 76ers playing at full strength at home.  They are better at every position than the Lakers and the Cornfather can tell that Ben Simmons hates Lonzo, which is an added benefit.  The 76ers always show up when the spotlight is on them and the Cornfather sees a double digit win in their near future.

Houston @ Utah O/U 209 – Utah is a very good home team and the Rockets are an even better road team.  The Cornfather thinks this game will remain close throughout, and for that to happen the Jazz will have to score.  Nobody can slow down this Rockets team right now and there is always a possibility they drop 140 by themselves.  This game will go comfortably over.

come on eye roll GIF by NBA

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