NCAA Basketball

Thursday’s NCAAB Plays

You won’t find a more down day in college basketball, however the Cornfather will still find a way to play.  There are two games that are watchable tonight and fortunately the Cornfather likes them both.

Lunch Money Plays

Iowa +7 @ Iowa State – Make no mistake about it, Iowa stinks at basketball.  However, they have played tough competition thus far and Iowa State hasn’t been tested.  In a rivalry game, the Cornfather has no problem backing a team his eyes don’t like getting 7 points.  Dogs bark in rivalry games, the Cornfather doesn’t need to teach us that.

Valparaiso +16 @ Purdue – +16? Sure, the Cornfather will take it.  Purdue is a solid team, but they’re not world beaters.  Valpo is undefeated and even though they haven’t faced the same competition, eight in a row is still tough.  This is their early season super bowl on national TV and they’ll let it all hang loose.  Remember what the Cornfather taught us last night, be skeptical of these heavy favorites early in the season.

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