What Dominance Looks Like: NFL Sunday Recap

Lunch Money Plays (7-1)

Houston -1.5 vs San Francisco

Chicago +6 @ Cincinnati

Carolina +3 vs Minnesota

Buffalo -3.5 vs Indianapolis

LA Chargers -6 vs Washington

Arizona +3 vs Tennessee

Jacksonville -3 vs Seattle

Philadelphia -1 @ LA Rams

Mortgage Play (1-0)

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

The Cornfather was struggling to start the season and I as his scribe even had my doubts.  Maybe the legend had lost a step? Maybe the game had passed him by?  However, I pledged my allegiance to this man and have always stayed aboard the train.  To say the tides have turned maybe the understatement of the century.  Since Thanksgiving I haven’t seen a run like this in all my years.  The Cornfather is beyond scorching hot and is about to put my kids through college.  I feel a little guilty even questioning him for a second.  He truly is an immortal.  8-1 on a Sunday? Thank you Cornfather, thanks you.

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