Thursday’s NBA Picks

The Cornfather finally figured out why there haven’t been any major college basketball games this week.  It’s finals week and the always generous NCAA makes the kids focus on the books. The Cornfather wants more action, but he’ll get more than his fix once the weekend starts.  We will finally hit bowl season and college basketball will be in full swing. He needs to get back at the NBA after what happened to him last night anyway.  He’s going to up the ante and make the League pay for their mistakes.  Let’s play ball.

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Brooklyn -1 vs New York – The battle of New York between two teams who have been playing well lately.  The Nets are no pushover at home and the Knicks have only been good at the Garden.  The Knicks have the best player and Nets have the more well-rounded team in the Cornfather’s eyes.  The  Cornfather has always been a team player, he’ll take Brooklyn.

Detroit -4 @ Atlanta -The Pistons can’t get any lower than they are right now.  They’re on a seven-game skid after playing great to start the year.  This is a gut check game coming off a blowout loss to the Nuggets at home.  Besides maybe a wash at point guard, they are much better than the Hawks at every position and they have no excuses.  The Cornfather will be done with them if they lose this game.  Four points is low enough for the Cornfather to take the better team and road favorite.

Dallas +11 @ Golden State – Eleven points is a ton to give in a game without Steph and likely Draymond.  If Draymond plays it does change things, but the Cornfather will likely still take the points.  Dallas has been playing well in recent weeks and they play better together without Dennis Smith Jr  in the Cornfather’s eyes.  Harrison Barnes revenge game!

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