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Wednesday’s Sports Recap

NBA (1-4-1)

Wednesday’s NBA Picks

Lunch Money Plays: (1-4)

Indiana +1 vs Oklahoma City – The Cornfather will stop betting OKC games.  The Cornfather will stop betting OKC games.  The Cornfather will stop betting OKC Games.

Orlando -1.5 vs LA Clippers – Orlando stinks.

Miami -2.5 vs Portland – Miami got outscored 32-16 in the 4th quarter at home. That’s tough to do.

Milwaukee +2.5 @ New Orleans – This game game down to late in the 4th quarter, New Orleans just made more plays down the stretch

Phoenix +11.5 vs Toronto – How about the Suns being the Cornfather’s lone winner.  Good for them.

Car Payment Play: (0-0-1)

Boston -6 vs Denver – This was a brutal push for the Cornfather.  Boston was up 12 with three minutes left and Gary Harris would not let Indiana die.  He looked like Kyrie Irving out there.  The game and outcome were never in doubt the Celtics just need to learn that good teams win and great teams cover for the Cornfather.

Horse Racing (0-0-1)

Wednesday’s Pony of the Day: Race 6 at Gulfstream Park

Pony of the Day #5 Starship Abbey – Finished 3rd at 5/1 in race 6 at Gulfstream Park.  She had some traffic late in the lane that cost her 2nd in the Cornfather’s mind. Third place finishes don’t pay the bills.

The Cornfather hasn’t been used to losing days in the last month and he will fire away today looking for revenge.


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