Friday Night NBA Picks

There is no recap today, the Cornfather is not concerned about the past.  The future is now.  There is a full NBA card like always on Friday night and the Cornfather sees a bunch of games that are ripe for the picking.  Let’s Eat.

Lunch Money Plays

Indiana -4.5 vs Detroit – The Pistons turned it around last night as the Cornfather predicted.  However, on a back to back and traveling to Indiana, the Cornfather will play against them.  Indiana is tough at home and their legs are fresh.

Philadelphia -2 vs OKC – The Cornfather is going against the Thunder even though he vowed to stop betting games they are involved in.  They have been winning lately, but they haven’t been playing any good teams.  Philly will send them packing tonight.

Boston -6 vs Utah – Utah is one of the worst road teams in the NBA and Boston doesn’t lose at home.  If Kyrie is on the floor the Cornfather sees the Celtics by double digits.  If your guards carry your offense, the Celtics will have no trouble shutting you down.

Denver -1 vs New Orleans – The Cornfather has liked what he has seen from both teams lately.  Denver’s guards have played exceptionally well and the Boogie/Davis combo has started to click for New Orleans.  However, Denver is 10-2 at home this year and the Cornfather must give them the advantage in a pickem game.  Always bet on the air.

San Antonio +8 @ Houston – The Spurs finally have Kawhi back and they’ll try to slow down the unstoppable force that is the Rockets.  Eight points is way too inflated for a team of San Antonio’s caliber.  The Cornfather must remind people that as good as Harden is, he can’t be trusted in big games.  He didn’t shoot the ball until the 2nd half of a game 7 playoff game. Everyone pump the breaks.

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