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Friday’s College Football Bowl Picks and Analysis

Thursday’s College Football Bowl Picks and Analysis

Lunch Money Play: Stanford/TCU Over 48.5

Car Payment Plays: Virginia/Navy Over 51.5, Oklahoma State -5.5, Stanford +3

Mortgage Play: Washington State +2

The Cornfather couldn’t have been more wrong about Washington State, but that was the only thing anyone could criticize yesterday.  Three Car Payments and lunch money add up to more than mortgage anyway, simple math really.  Who the hell goes 4-1? The Cornfather does.  The best part is the first game starts at 1pm today and we get to do it all over again.  The Cornfather has awoken from his slumber and has delivered me his picks nice and early.  Time to stay hot, let’s eat.

Belk Bowl: Wake Forest -3 vs Texas A&M

This is essentially a home game for the Demon Deacons with the game being played in Charlotte. Wake Forest has been a solid performer in the ACC all year and they are on the rise under coach Dave Clawson.  On the other hand, the Texas A&M program going through a complete overhaul with coach Kevin Sumlin getting the boot and Jimbo Fisher taking over next year.  Neither team is great on defense and the Cornfather will take Wake’s offense over A&M’s any day of the week.  Plus, Wake Forest will be ready to play in this one and the Cornfather can’t say he’s certain the Aggies will be.  The ACC was a stronger conference top to bottom this year than the SEC and the Cornfather loves to see an easy winner to start the day.

Car Payment Play: Wake Forest -3

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Hundai Sun Bowl: NC State -7 vs Arizona State

This is another easy game for the Cornfather.  The Wolfpack have played a very tough schedule this year and have handled themselves well.  They are more physical than this weak Arizona State team and will be able to move the ball with ease.  The Pac-12 has looked terrible thus far this Bowl season and the Cornfather sees the Sun Devils continuing the trend.  Arizona State has only beaten Oregon State (the worst team in the Pac-12) on the road this year.  They are complete trash if they are away from home and the last time the Cornfather checked this game is in Texas.

Car Payment Play: NC State -7

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Franklin American Mortgage City Music Bowl: Northwestern -7.5 vs Kentucky

Its favorite city today, which scares the Cornfather a little bit, but not really.  He knows he’s right so he always sticks to his guns.  Northwestern hasn’t lost since early October and they are better on both sides of the ball than the other Wildcats.  Kentucky has been very over rated this year and they are the same ol’ bad Kentucky team.  Northwestern is going to punch them in the mouth and Kentucky won’t know what hit them.  The Big Ten will add another bowl win to their tally and the SEC will drop another.

Car Payment Play Northwestern -7.5

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Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic: Ohio State -7.5 vs USC

This is the prime time, main event tonight and the Cornfather can’t wait.  Both teams are loaded with talent and its sure to be a good one.  The Cornfather can’t fathom why this spread is so high.  USC has the speed to hang with Ohio State and the better quarter back.  Sam Darnold broke onto the scene last year in the Rose Bowl in the unbelievable shootout with Penn State and the Cornfather has a feeling in his right knee that we’re bound to see a repeat bowl performance.  Ohio State’s D-line is ferocious, but the Cornfather thinks Darnold will neutralize the pass rush with his feet and exploit and average Buckeye secondary.  The USC defense may have trouble stopping Ohio State, but TJ Barrett will certainly miss some wide-open guys and this one will come down to the wire.  After a 3-0 start, the Cornfather can’t wait to push all his chips into the middle of the table.  The anticipation mounts.

Mortgage Play: USC +7.5, Lunch Money Play: USC M/L +250

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