Birthed in the rolling hills of the heartland, there is a man the history books won’t tell you about. A prophet, who sees winners on the page before the games and races play out.  The sports books in Vegas wake up in a cold sweat in fear of this man.  Nobody knows him, he speaks to no one, but every bookie from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters knows his name.  In an upset for the ages in 1959, 17 point favorite Oklahoma had their 74-game conference unbeaten streak snapped by Nebraska 25-21 in Lincoln.  The goal posts came down that day and so did sports books across the country as one man had the Cornhuskers moneyline for more loot than any peasant could dream.  A legend was born that day and after decades of silence he is finally willing to bestow his wisdom upon the public.  We get too peak inside the brain of a madman, a savant and the greatest gambler of the 21st century.  He is more myth than mortal, more steak than sizzle, he is the one they call the Cornfather.