Thursday’s NBA Plays

There is a small card tonight in the NBA, but we have two National TV games, which is always nice. The Cornfather is going to narrow his scope and up the ante, he’s looking for a new vehicle. Car Payment Plays Philadelphia -8 vs LA Lakers – The Cornfather loves the 76ers playing at full… Continue reading Thursday’s NBA Plays


Monday’s NBA Plays

The last time the Cornfather spoke to us he went 3-3 with mortgage plays on Thanksgiving.  He truly is the most giving man in the world.  The Cornfather is back from off the grid today and this site will be cranking 24/7 from now until the end of time.  You have my word as the… Continue reading Monday’s NBA Plays

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Wednesday’s Recap

NBA (2-0) Boston 107 LA Lakers 96 Car Payment Play: Boston 1st Half -4 Mortgage Play: Boston -7 Jason Tatum went into the locker room 9 minutes into the game and the Celtics still covered.  No Tatum, no Horford, no problem.  The Lakers hung around in the 2nd half, but they couldn’t get inside the… Continue reading Wednesday’s Recap


Al Horford out with a Concussion tonight vs the Lakers

Horford won’t be playing for Boston tonight, which moves the line to Boston -7. You all read what the Cornfather had to say earlier: Wednesday Night NBA: LA Lakers @ Boston So, what will he do now?  This game can’t be a mortgage play anymore, right? Wrong! Marcus Morris will step right in and this… Continue reading Al Horford out with a Concussion tonight vs the Lakers


Wednesday Night NBA: LA Lakers @ Boston

As you know, the Cornfather usually plays the board in the NBA regular season.  However, he will pick his spots from time to time and drop the hammer.  This Celtics team is legit even without Gordan Hayward.  Tatum and Brown are way ahead of schedule and Kyrie is starting to play defenses like a fiddle. … Continue reading Wednesday Night NBA: LA Lakers @ Boston