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Tuesday’s Sports Recap

NBA (1-0) Tuesday’s NBA Play: Car Payment: Cleveland -4 vs Miami The Cornfather was right on the money yet again.  Cleveland came out firing and had a 25-point lead at the half.  The Cornfather didn’t even have to watch. NCAAB (1-1) Tuesday’s NCAAB Plays: Lunch Money: Xavier -4.5 vs Baylor, Louisville +8.5 @ Purdue Xavier… Continue reading Tuesday’s Sports Recap

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NCAA Basketball Scandal

Pitino and the Louisville AD are officially out in lieu of the Adidas recruiting scandal.  The Cornfather usually only weighs in on games that can make us money, but this is a slow Wednesday and one of the biggest college basketball stories to break in a long time.  To those who are around college sports… Continue reading NCAA Basketball Scandal