Wednesday Night NBA Picks

I apologize for the lack of picks in the last few days.  The Cornfather has been hot as always, but he’s had me doing more behind the scenes work to kick this site into over drive.  We had to sacrifice short term gains for long term success.  After Christmas, there will be more content, more… Continue reading Wednesday Night NBA Picks


Friday Night NBA Picks

There is no recap today, the Cornfather is not concerned about the past.  The future is now.  There is a full NBA card like always on Friday night and the Cornfather sees a bunch of games that are ripe for the picking.  Let’s Eat. Lunch Money Plays Indiana -4.5 vs Detroit – The Pistons turned… Continue reading Friday Night NBA Picks


Thursday’s NBA Picks

The Cornfather finally figured out why there haven’t been any major college basketball games this week.  It’s finals week and the always generous NCAA makes the kids focus on the books. The Cornfather wants more action, but he’ll get more than his fix once the weekend starts.  We will finally hit bowl season and college… Continue reading Thursday’s NBA Picks


Wednesday’s NBA Picks

The Cornfather went 3-0 yesterday in the NBA and he looks to take advantage of the nice full card today.  The Cornfather will attack almost all the games tonight with the lack of quality college basketball tonight.  Let’s Eat. Lunch Money Plays Indiana +1 vs Oklahoma City – The Pacers are very tough to beat… Continue reading Wednesday’s NBA Picks

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Tuesday’s Sports Recap

NBA (3-0) Tuesday’s NBA Picks Lunch Money Plays: New York -3 vs LA Lakers, Brooklyn +3.5 vs Washington, Dallas +6 vs San Antonio The Cornfather knew all along the Knicks would take it to over time and then cover.  We call that a swwweeeeeeeepppppp. NCAAB (0-2) Tuesday’s NCAAB Picks Lunch Money Play: Mississippi State +11.5 vs Cincinnati,… Continue reading Tuesday’s Sports Recap


Tuesday’s NBA Picks

The Cornfather looks to continue building his bankroll early this week.  The Thunder aren’t on the NBA card tonight, so he’ll have a chance at a clean sweep.  Let’s Eat. Lunch Money Plays New York -3 vs LA Lakers- The Lakers have won two in a row and are a young team making good progress. … Continue reading Tuesday’s NBA Picks

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Monday’s Sports Recap: Dominance Continued

NBA (3-1) Monday Night NBA Picks Lunch Money Plays: Chicago +7 vs Boston, New Orleans +11.5 @ Houston, Miami -1 @ Memphis, Oklahoma City -6.5 vs Charlotte The Cornfather still can't get the right side of OKC, but we'll take 3-1 any day of the week and twice on Mondays. Horse Racing (0-1) Monday’s Pony of the Day: Race 9 at Parx Pony… Continue reading Monday’s Sports Recap: Dominance Continued


Monday Night NBA Picks

It’s time to start a new week and the Cornfather is ready to punch in.  He never rests on his laurels.  We have a small NBA card tonight with some tricky match ups, but the Cornfather has some leans.  Let’s Eat. Lunch Money Plays Chicago +7 vs Boston – You really need to grit your… Continue reading Monday Night NBA Picks


Friday’s NBA Plays

The Cornfather loves the card tonight and ESPN will have back-to-back high-quality games like we deserve.  There is no better feeling then when the Cornfather tells me both his locks for the night are the National TV games.  I can go out on a Friday night and live large knowing my bank account will be… Continue reading Friday’s NBA Plays


Thursday’s NBA Plays

There is a small card tonight in the NBA, but we have two National TV games, which is always nice. The Cornfather is going to narrow his scope and up the ante, he’s looking for a new vehicle. Car Payment Plays Philadelphia -8 vs LA Lakers – The Cornfather loves the 76ers playing at full… Continue reading Thursday’s NBA Plays