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Thursday’s Sports Recap

NBA (1-1) Car Payments: Philadelphia -8 vs LA Lakers, Houston @ Utah O 209  The Cornfather was surprised by the Lakers’ performance.  They stepped up to the plate on national TV.  The Cornfather will put that in his memory bank. NCAAB (1-1) Lunch Money: Iowa +7 @ Iowa State, Valparaiso +16 @ Purdue Another wash, which we know the… Continue reading Thursday’s Sports Recap


Thursday Night Football: Atlanta vs New Orleans

New Orleans +2.5 @ Atlanta O/U 52 Look what we have here, quite the match-up for a color rush Thursday night.  The Cornfather has been stewing over this game ever since the final whistle blew on Monday night.  Two of the most talented teams in the league square off tonight on a short week and… Continue reading Thursday Night Football: Atlanta vs New Orleans


Sunday’s NFL Recap

Lunch Money Plays (0-2) Indianapolis +10 @ Jacksonville - The Cornfather thought it was too many points in a divisional game, but the Colts are just too bad on the road.  If Jacksonville could get a quarterback they'd be very dangerous. Houston +7 @ Tennessee - This was the most frustrating loss of the day for the… Continue reading Sunday’s NFL Recap


NFL Sunday’s Plays

The Cornfather is going on a run for the ages. He had another superb 4-2 performance yesterday with an Ohio State mortgage play winner (NCAA Football Conference Championship Saturday). The Cornfather is looking Vegas right in the eye and spitting in their face.  A lesser man would rest on their laurels, but its NFL Sunday and… Continue reading NFL Sunday’s Plays