NCAA Football

Tuesday Night MACtion

Its week 3 of Tuesday night MACtion and there truly is nothing better.  The Cornfather can’t get enough.  His only complaint is that both games start at 7 tonight.  Start one at 7 and one at 10, so scoop and scores can put the Cornfather right to sleep.  Either way, the Cornfather has strong opinions… Continue reading Tuesday Night MACtion

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Wednesday’s Recap

NBA (2-0) Boston 107 LA Lakers 96 Car Payment Play: Boston 1st Half -4 Mortgage Play: Boston -7 Jason Tatum went into the locker room 9 minutes into the game and the Celtics still covered.  No Tatum, no Horford, no problem.  The Lakers hung around in the 2nd half, but they couldn’t get inside the… Continue reading Wednesday’s Recap

NCAA Football

Wednesday Night MACtion

We have three more football games from every degenerate’s favorite conference tonight and the Cornfather has no choice but to play them all.  In last night’s Akron game, we saw the worst spot in the history of football, the chain crew showing up late to the 2nd half while eating hot dogs and the… Continue reading Wednesday Night MACtion

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Tuesday’s Recap

MLB Tuesday Recap 2017 Final Score: Houston 1 Los Angeles 3 Car Payment Play: Houston M/L +105 As the Cornfather knew all along, this series had to go 7 games.  He knew he was going to lose last night, he just wanted to pay to find out. NBA (2-2) The Cornfather would rather lose than… Continue reading Tuesday’s Recap

NCAA Football

Tuesday Night MACtion is Back: Miami OH @ Ohio

Tuesdays are significantly better now that MACtion has returned in all of its glory.  The comedown from Monday Night Football to emptiness on Tuesdays has left the Cornfather sad and lonely.  He cursed the Mack for making him wait two months for football on Tuesdays. These games are the best because the football is bad and… Continue reading Tuesday Night MACtion is Back: Miami OH @ Ohio